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Learn how to overcome those emotional blocks that prevent you from achieving the well-being you need.


And discover how to manage your daily conflicts better
  “I’m watching every one of the videos!!! It’s the information I needed a long time ago! I found it!! Thank you! Thank you!”

Sol Centurión

 “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this very vivid knowledge. Everything you expose are truths that we do not want to see. It is too painful to face that child that we once were … and give him love … and to then be able to love outsiders afterwards.”

Carlos Villar

Jaume Campos

Emotional Educator, Lecturer, Author, Teacher and Creator of the DEEP® Method

Jaume has dedicated 3 decades of his life helping people to identify and permanently release blocked emotions that are deep inside their unconscious mind, enabling them to manage their daily conflicts, stress, anxiety and sadness, and above all, teaching them to learn from each emotion and from each experienced conflict.

Together with his method and emotional education drawn from both his professional work and his own personal experiences, he helps people to recognize their true potential and to improve their affectionate, social and work relationships. In short; to approach their projects in life with greater confidence and security.

International Speaker

Over the years, Jaume Campos has exhibited his work in various countries with the hope of being able to spread it. He has given conferences and presentations at:

  • Annual International Kinesiology Conference
  • New Life Expo in New York
  • A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center
  • La Salle University of Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Britania Chihuahua High Performance Tennis Center in Mexico
  • Chi, International Holistic Center of Dr. José Miguel Gonzáles in Queens, NY
Founder of the HBT Institute

In 2013, Jaume Campos founded the International Institute of Holistic Biophysical Therapy, HBT Institute. The aim is to research and develop of all his work and share it around the world. It offers not only the training of professionals as specialists in the DEEP® method, but also the dissemination of an emotional education which is fully empirical and experiential. Through emotional education, we teach people to manage their emotions in a direct and effective way by using various sources of media such as books, conferences, workshops, courses, seminars, radio…

Years of experience
Helped people
Emotional Education

A basic book to help to begin to learn how to manage your emotions better and to feel free.

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Two Suitcases for One Sole Voyage

A book to help you to improve your emotional relationships with everyone around you.

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  “I have known the author Jaume Campos for many years for his work in the field of therapy and I have to say that he never ceases to amaze me with his lucid knowledge of the human being and the brilliant responses he provides to his problems. Once again Jaume has exceeded himself with this useful and revolutionary work”.
Raimon Samsó

These books are the way to transmit what I have been learning over the years and helping thousands of people. It is my desire to improve your life and share everything I have learned and experienced.

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Emotional Education

Right now we need a huge emotional revolution. It is the only unfinished business in our lives; the only thing that can allow us to make true sense out of all other areas that we have advanced in.

The aim is to acquire resources that allow us to understand both ourselves and each other at a deeper level.

Start on your path with us

The DEEP method®

It is a proven method for the recognition and liberation of debilitating and destructive conflicts hidden within us. The DEEP® Method (Deep Emotional Energetic Release in English) is a clear and direct method that allows us to get to the root cause of conflicts that prevent us from developing and learning in our lives.

Based on the personal and professional journey of Jaume Campos. He manages to create dialogue with the unconscious mind by obtaining a state of neutrality and at the same time, connecting with the patient. Only qualified specialists authorized by the HBT Institute and endorsed by Jaume Campos, creator of the method, can apply it.

More information about the Deep® method


How to reach my goals?

Discover 3 key steps to achieve what you want easier.

Interview with Jaume Campos on Teve4 22:59

Interview conducted by Antonio Arbeola García in the cultural television program Villarreal Teve4 in October 2017.

DEEP® method at the University of Valencia 3:09

Video summary of the Holistic Biophysical Therapy course in the University of Valencia Scientific Park in 2017.

5 steps to improve the relationship between parents and children

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The DEEP® method and the Emotional Education of Jaume Campos 7:25

Jaume Campos answers questions to get a better understanding of your emotions.

4 steps to heal jealousy

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